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by Shore Acres Drive

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Shore Acres Drive began with these songs. They were recorded in my bedroom and released individually as a series of acoustic singles.

I Adjust - originally released 10/15/13
Sincerely - originally released 11/16/13
I Owe You - originally released 12/31/13
The In-Between - originally released 03/21/14

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released December 5, 2014

All music and recording by Charlie Fraioli



all rights reserved


Shore Acres Drive Ithaca, New York

Charlie (guitar/vocals), James (bass/vocals), Jake (drums)

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Track Name: I Adjust (Acoustic)
I've been staying up late,
Thinking way too hard about way too many stupid little things.
That's probably where I got these grey hairs from,
Worrying about three-word texts and never knowing what to say next.

Everybody always says I'm such a nice guy,
But I'm also insecure, cynical, and immature.
So, who knows if this will work out,
But at least I'm trying.
i'll just keep on learning,
And I'll adjust.

My obsession with semantics drives me crazy.
Overanalyzing, thinking it'll bring me peace of mind.
This lesson in romantics is way over my head.
I don't think I'm catching on.

Everybody always says I'm such a nice guy,
But I'm also insecure, cynical, and immature.
So, who knows if this will work out,
But at least I'm trying.
i'll just keep on learning,
And I'll adjust

To the cold weather and long walks home,
To spending every other minute fucking checking my phone,
And to the quick fixes and good-night kisses.
I just want to be the guy that makes the grade.
Track Name: Sincerely (Acoustic)
I always played it safe.
This is exactly why.
I was your big mistake.
You'll end up hurt no matter how hard I try to be the one you need,
Who stays up late when you can't fall asleep.
Now your steady glare, it tortures me.

I had a lot to say the weekend you went back home.
But I can't say it to your face,
So I left you asleep in my bed all alone.
I left you all alone.

Remember what I told you when you were crying on the closet floor?
I don't blame you if you hate me,
Just know I meant it sincerely.

Regretfully reflecting on a choice from long ago.
I'm sure you don't care anymore, but I figure you should know that I,
Well, I was wrong.
And I'm sure you're well aware that I still care.
Track Name: I Owe You (Acoustic)
I used to hurry home because you’d always be there waiting for me.
We’d order in and watch your favorite TV shows.
I’ve always found you quite refreshing,
That level head of yours always messing with mine.
I know it’s too late to say it, but I think we had something good there for a while.

I see that smirk on your lips.
I know we’re thinking the same thing, but we’re too afraid to say it.
Let’s go back and start taking more chances ‘cause we don’t know what we’re missing.

Long days, late walks, and Sunday morning talks.
I’d be lying if I told you that my heart didn’t sink when you said that we should just be friends.
And I’m sure it’s just coincidence that our paths stopped crossing after that drunken kiss.
Yeah, I know, you’re just so busy.
I guess I’ll keep thinking back to summer and hoping that you miss me.

I put you out of sight and out of mind for this term, but don’t think that this is the end.
And even if we don’t talk like we used to, I want to thank you for pulling me out and for the summer we spent.
Track Name: The In-Between (Acoustic)
So you were right, I'm a mess.
But I'm trying my best to stop acting so reckless.
I've been making bad decisions so I don't have to remember this weekend,
And I feel the need to keep everyone's attention.
Maybe this year, I'll figure something out.

I don't know what I'm doing with this, or that, or anything.
I'm always on the wrong side of the street.
I've never been a best friend, maybe second or third at best,
And I'm trying to keep the ones that I've got left
Maybe this year, I'll figure something out.

I've seen thirteen old friends this week,
But they're all too busy caught up in some fucked up fake reality
I knew you'd cancel, I guess I'm just that forgettable.
In the meantime I'll just stay here in the in-between.
Someone will come for me.

I'm torn between my plans and my daydreams.
Neither one is good enough for me